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My Pen, the Cleaver

Carving my own path requires zooming in and zooming out.

Zooming in is when I've already picked a milestone, and I just need to get there: I'm heads down. I'm grinding. I'm executing. Sprinting through the finish line. 100% of my effort, to the very end.

Zooming out is when I don't know where I'm going next, and I need to choose my direction. Figuring out what I want. Analyzing how I've spent my time. Stepping back from the lure of busywork. Wrestling with the hard work of rediscovering my passions. Tuning out the noise (very important). Getting back in touch with what I can give to the world.

With the second launch of Agentboard in the books, I'm once more approaching a season of zooming out.

And in these times, when the waters are muddy, one thing becomes clear:

I must write.